Dec 2018 | Adrenalin

Be the consumer. You will know what works.

Cornerstone of design thinking. Yet so difficult to follow. So tough to step out of one’s own skin and see things from the receiver’s perspective.

And yet such a simple test. Pass it and one is assured receptivity.

So what goes wrong? Simply the training of the mind to put the building blocks in the right order. Call it putting first things first. Or immersing oneself into the consumer experience process. Living the product’s reasons to live and coming to that turn that we can call the moment of truth to know exactly why things click.

Rest is easy. Practicing this is mighty tough.

Start Now.

5th April,2016 | Adrenalin


Now there is always a chance
for the man who knows
when to shoot and when to dance.
Life doesn’t take much to learn
if you got just the inclination to turn.
Gotta take things head on
coz that’s the only way to reach your neon.

You’d fall, you’d skid
you’d even think if its worth all the stick
but did you ever get a meal
without striking the deal,
did you ever get warmth
when you chose to snarl,
did you ever sleep well
When your day hadn’t been swell?

Well, to everything in life
you gotta give to get
for the laws of nature
always favor those
who have courage and stature.
Funny thing life is
there’s all to see
except the basic keys
which unlocks your mind
and answers all the mysteries.

So all you gotta do
Is smile along the miles
Hang on when the heat turns on
Speak up when you are told to shut up
And yes
Dare for all the issues you care

Life is a helluva opportunity
for all those who see in themselves the ability.

15th March,2016 | Adrenalin

Touching someone’s life.

That amazing moment when someone gets impacted by another person’s deed.

The magical feeling when the person impacted shares one’s emotional feedback. The surprise the moment brings.The unexpected to and fro of thought, the priceless feeling that lingers. That makes the moment memorable.

Interestingly this works for both. The recipient as also the one who initiates such action.

Can one design such moments?
Can one plan and expectantly get the results one sets.
How are they different from meeting business targets? From achieving objectives?

Can one create a formulae that can lead to the delivery of the ‘moment’.

Yes & no.

Yes, for with a little practice one can spot gaps which when bridged can take the receipient to feeling emotionally enriched.

One needs to be looking though. To be sensitive. To feel for someone else. To want to make an impact on another person. To want to better someone’s world. To like the idea of making someone smile. To want to find meaning in helping others. To being simply a human. A good person.

Does it look any easier now!

Step out of your self contained zones, and go practice.

Over a period of time these might well turn out to be the most precious moments you would have ever lived.

And if you thought ‘no’… only if one doesn’t want to make a difference in another person life. The choice is always upto us.


15th January,2016 | Adrenalin

When We Agree On Something.

So much goes into a seemingly simple thing as deciding to do a task.

Two people, or a team decides to do something and that’s but the beginning of so many things happening before the result comes forth.

 At each stage is some discussion, some thought exchange, followed by action, then evaluation, then further action before one gets to an agreed stand point.

It could be a designer interacting with her craftsmen, an engineer with his technical team,  a consultant forcasting a plan for a client, a coach with his wards, a teacher with her pupil. Even a pet with her master!

Does it look any easier now!

Of making sense of time, of energies, of having a purposeful day.

And in the ultimatum, life.

And what if the other person did not understand you? Did not deliver basis plan? Misinterpreted something.

So much we get done by believing in the others abilities, education,experience, trusting  one’s judgement.

So much depends on where we are coming from. Our back grounds, our orientation to get things done.

So much each individual goes through in life to reach a point where people come together to agree on something.

And make sense of their lives. As also their families.
All starts by agreeing to do something. 
Keep agreeing, keep moving ahead.